Scroll through these photos to view past work, photos from my garden, bridal bouquets and antique windows

The gallery wall, full of pieces from a past shop update

Collection of peonies and daisies

Pressed Queen Anne's Lace detail

Spring blooms for a past shop update

At work surrounded by pressed flowers

Four seasons, a favorite motif, as an 11x14" piece of traditional artwork

A pair of pinky pansies

Colorful botanicals

Natives and ferns from a past shop update

Four seasons in 4" glass squares

Pressed tulip

Anemones waiting their turn

Tabletop frames with bespoke solid oak stands

Autumn ombre: sumac leaves

Woodland botanicals inside glass coasters

Foraging Queen Anne's Lace in high summer

Poppies fresh from the garden

Lavender in the garden

Roadside wildflowers

A single red poppy in the garden

A reading from their wedding, typewritten on a vintage typewriter and encased within glass with pressed blooms and ferns

The Tabletop: a bridal bouquet between glass resting on a solid oak stand

The Traditional: a colorful autumn bridal bouquet

The Gallery (modified): a bridal collection of wall hangings

The Gallery: a bridal collection of wall hangings

A pair of wall hangings featuring blooms from a couple's two traditional wedding ceremonies

His and hers: the contemporary wall hanging for her bouquet with a small piece featuring his boutonniere

The Traditional x2: The bride and her mother both got a piece of traditional artwork featuring pressed blooms from the wedding

The Traditional: a replication of the bridal bouquet as a first anniversary gift

The Contemporary with a unique wreath-style arrangement of petals and leaves

The Contemporary x2: bridal blooms in handmade 8x10" frames

The wildflower collection in an antique window sash

A sentimental antique window sash from a family farm, given new life with 12 panes full of flowers

A study in white: antique window sash filled with pressed all-white blooms

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