Pressed flowers and botanicals, crafted by hand in Virginia

Kmpressed was born of a love for plants and flowers and the desire to preserve them to appreciate and enjoy throughout the year. As a photographer and gardener, I have tried to capture the essence of fresh spring, high summer, and brilliant fall through photos, but at some point I began to also collect blooms and leaves and press them away in old books to rediscover on a wintry day. Those few initial pressed flowers and four-leaf clovers gave way to larger collections of ferns, wildflowers, and fall leaves, while a few wooden flower presses, built with my husband's help, were added to my pressing process. I began putting plants to paper (and in coasters) in summer 2015. I am constantly seeking and experimenting with new or special plants to press; whether the challenge is in growing the plant in my own garden or identifying interesting wild specimens (responsibly gathered) in the woods or roadsides. My work is influenced by the seasonal shifts we experience here in Virginia, and inspired by scientific herbaria and vintage botanical art.

The operation has grown from that first wooden flower press to quite a collection, always rotating with new material from my garden or client events. I now press blooms from special events, including weddings, memorials, and other occasions to transform beautiful fresh flowers into lasting keepsake artwork.

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